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Cell Science’s business model includes licensing its proprietary cell culturing technology and trade secret processes, all of which are patent pending and protected by intellectual property law,  to third parties that are currently licensed to grow and manufacture cannabis products. 

Our prospective licensee’s competitive advantages lie in the efficiency of our 'cell culture' technology to deliver superior cannabis concentrate at significant less capitalization and operating costs.


Cell culturing in a commercial laboratory to produce cannabis concentrate is more efficient at a fraction of the capitalization cost and operating cost, with the added benefit of environmental risk mitigation. The traditional use of land and agricultural methods to grow cannabis products which are distilled to make THC and CBD concentrate is now the more expensive alternative with a multiplication of the risk!. 

Through our proprietary process, our licensees will produce high-quality CBDG/THCG concentrate powder which can then be reconstituted to produce a desired cannabinoid product for consumption or pharma use. This can be done predictably, reliably at a targeted commercial scale in a laboratory at a 70% discount to the cost of traditional methods. It is truly groundbreaking technology


The ideal candidate for obtaining a Cell Science Technology License has a cultivation and processing license in good standing and adequate capital to build a commercial production facility to produce the equivalent of 60,000 pounds of cannabis flower in the form of powder concentrate annually. 

To learn more, please contact us directly for information on licensing Cell Science LTD's cell culturing technology 


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